The VentureWærft wants to connect the two countries on both sides of the border even further. Which is why the team ventured to take the step across the border and look at the region as a whole – and to make use of what this cross-border region has to offer. Currently, the VentureWærft consists of five docks closely linked and working together to raise the visibility of the region surrounding the Flensburg Firth – in the region and beyond. The cherry on the pie of this cross-border initiative is the conVenture – nordic Start-Up convention which takes place in Sønderborg (in spring) and in Flensburg (in the autumn) alternatingly.

The first conVenture on Danish soil took place at the end of April and it was a major success – sold out. About 140 participants and exhibitors witnessed a conVenture that seems to surpass itself with every new edition.

Apart from the venue, there were a few more new additions to the format: To bridge the distance between Flensburg and Sønderborg a bus shuttle was provided for the participants. Also, at the beginning of the events the participants were able to gain an impression of the Alsion during a tour of the Startup Alsion and more laboratories available for (prospective) founders.


Photo 1It’s about to start! (Credit: Feddersen)


The first Start-Up Story was told by Allan Sørrig of FurEater. He took his listeners on a journey to world of pets – and the challenges their fur entail. He took his first steps as an entrepreneur when he was 12 years old and they involved his bike. In 1994 he founded his first start-up and in 2016 his entrepreneurial path lead him to the “Løvens Hule” (the Danish version of the reality TV investment show also known as “Höhle der Löwen” (Germany) or “Shark Tank” (U.S.)). The FurEater’s future looks more than promising with sales and demand around the world. This success story was also made possible by a great network and amazing support from Allan’s family (his sister Line manages FurEater’s distribution in Germany and has been a member of the team since 2016).

The idea DeafVentures is based on is an entirely different one, and so is its development. Pia Boni and Marie Kohlen met each other when kitesurfing and soon became friends. They shared more than just a passion for kitesurfing, however. They both wanted to make this world a bit more accessible for everyone and were driven to support social change. Today they organise water sports camps for people without hearing. They have found a market niche and the demand for their services is high already.


Audience at the conVenture in the Alsion

Photo 2Audience at the conVenture in the Alsion (Credit: Feddersen)


Apart from the two Start-up Stories, the five docks of the VentureWærft introduced themselves to the audience, as did the new Danish project StartUp Alsion as one of the new start-up supporters. StartUp Alsion is a joint initiative in which Dock4 and Dock5 work together. The main focus is on testing and trying out new business ideas rather than the actual starting of a company.

As in past events the networking part in the evening gave participants the chance to learn more about the new insights gathered and talk to young (and experienced) founders. Start-ups from the region presented themselves and their services and products in the entrance area. 

Reciters on a stageTable with brochures

(Credit: Feddersen)



The conVenture is a networking event dealing with everything start-up in the German-Danish border region. It is a place where start-ups (and start-ups to be), people offering support for founders, experienced business people, investors and people interested in entrepreneurship and starting a company can meet. Next to two start-up stories from young founders our main focus is on networking and the Start-up Pier, a small fair presenting regional campus start-ups. The event will be held in English.

The conVenture is a joint event by the German and Danish VentureWærft docks. Dr. Werner Jackstädt Centre for Entrepreneurship and SMEs, Chamber of Industry and Commerce Flensburg, Technologiezentrum Flensburg, Syddansk Universitet (Entrepreneurship Labs & Mads Clausen Institute) and Sønderborg Iværksætter Service.

Next to these partners the VentureWærft consists of experienced business people and start-ups from the region. The VentureWærft is supported in its work by the Grenzland INNOVATIV Schleswig-Holstein project. The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the Joint Science Conference.




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