The new site, located on the former nursery grounds, is four times larger than the previous site at Friedenshügel on Quakenweg and now measures 1.7 hectares. Thanks to the larger garden, there is now more space for the field, the herb garden, the kitchen and the greenhouse. There is also more space for classics like the climbing frame and the balancing beam, which serve the movement aspect of the health project.

There are also unplanned areas for perennials, a bee pasture and the playground. The dream of a maize maze to a water playground is being discussed. The goal is to think about accessibility from the beginning so that people in wheelchairs can participate. For this purpose, there are wheelchair-friendly raised beds and tables in the kitchen that can be moved underneath.

Tjorven Reisener emphasises that accessibility and the safety of the site are important. The site is meant to be a safe place and measures have been taken to prevent accidents.

The new site has also become more visible, which is evident in many conversations with residents. Carola Kaiser and Tjorven Reisener tell us that they have been approached regularly since the move. The question of how to get involved is often asked. The answer is simple: it is possible to become a member of the association or to help as a volunteer. The caretaker is there from Monday to Friday from 6 am and is always happy to have helping hands.

Villekula has also received many donations from local residents who are willing to help with the development of the project. The garden has received 23 fruit trees and hazelnut bushes. The educators encourage the children to take care of the trees and bushes and enjoy the fruits.

Villekula now also employs more staff, including a carpenter and a gardener. Within a short time, a dozen female applicants also responded to the advertisement for the pedagogical director for the "scatter garden" project. Villekula currently has ten employees and many volunteers.

The children of class 6a of the Gemeinschaftsschule West in Flensburg have visited the place and are enthusiastic about the possibilities Villekula offers them. The children will visit again in the future to dig, sow and cook.
In the coming weeks and months, there will be a lot to experience at Villekula. Of particular note is the Spring Festival on 26 March, to which the public is cordially invited. From 12 noon to 5 pm there will be a colourful programme for the whole family. In addition to guided tours of the grounds and hands-on activities for children, there will also be workshops and lectures on the topics of environmental and climate protection, sustainability and health. There will also be delicious food and drinks using home-grown herbs and vegetables from the Villekula garden.

Even after that, things will continue at Villekula. Regular events such as garden days, readings and concerts are planned, using the new garden as a venue. In addition, the Villekula team will continue to work closely with schools and other educational institutions to teach children and young people about the cycle of nature and sustainable action.

Those who want to learn more about Villekula or become active themselves can do so on the association's website or directly on site. The Villekula team is happy about every visit and every helping hand.


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