The highlight of the evening was a series of pitches from up-and-coming startups who had three minutes in the "Famous 3 Minutes" format to showcase themselves and their business ideas. The organizers dressed up in special Christmas party outfits and demonstrated their skills.

In addition to the pitches, there were also a variety of free drinks and snacks. The team from the URBANICA Art Gallery, led by Emin Yilmaz, provided punch with a festive flair and musical accompaniment. Founders Benedikt Bliese and Günther Ballin from the newly founded local Lauschig supplied participants with treats.

A special highlight was the "Schnaps Idee" concept, where participants could bring and discuss their own founding ideas. This initiative has already given the first impetus to the establishment of new startups and was a great success.

The JuleVenture is now also available on the university's Youtube channel and provides an insight into the event and pitches. Overall, the JuleVenture was a memorable Christmas celebration for fans of startups and entrepreneurial spirit, where they could learn about the latest developments in the startup scene, make new connections, and discover new ideas.



The conVenture (jukleVenture) is the networking event for start-ups in the German-Danish border region, where start-ups (today and tomorrow), start-up supporters, experienced entrepreneurs, investors and people interested in start-ups meet. In addition to start-up stories from young founders, the focus is on networking and thus also on the Start-Up Pier, a small trade fair with regional (campus) start-ups. The event will be held in German.

The conVenture is a joint event of the German and Danish VentureWærft Dock partners: Dock1 of the Jackstädt Centre Flensburg, Flensburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Flensburg Technology Centre, North Frisian Innovation Centre (NIC), Syddansk Universitet (Entrepreneurship Labs & Mads Clausen Institute) and Sønderborg Vækstråd. In addition to these partners, VentureWærft also consists of experienced entrepreneurs and start-ups from the region. VentureWærft is supported by the Grenzland INNOVATIV Schleswig-Holstein project, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the Joint Science Conference.


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