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Stress management consultant.

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Krestina B. Jeppesen
Phone: +45 (0) 206 451 97

MindMatter was founded in 2016 to help companies and individuals navigate and overcome stress. I am passionate about creating insight, well-being and success in the companies I work with and for the customers who come to me.

In typical cases it is about:

- Creating better teamwork in teams to focus on the task and build on each other's competencies.
- Stress management and avoidance in companies
- Steer out of stress and live a life in balance - even if the pressure in a good job is high.

All courses are tailored to each company and usually consist of workshops, team exercises, leadership sparring and individual coaching as well as personal profile tests. Working with MindMatter ensures that the most difficult issues, which typically have the greatest impact on team well-being and performance, are addressed.

When it comes to stress, you get expert help that helps both the employee and the company move effectively and safely through a time of stress.
The stress patients are shown the best way out of stress through conversations and exercises and are not left alone with the problems in the workplace. As a company, you receive a factual assessment of the situation, continuous leadership sparring and leadership on the optimal path back to full strength, taking care of both employees, business and the rest of the team.

MindMatter is suitable for both companies and private individuals.




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