Flensburger Offene Werkstatt e.V.

Hannah Köster, Martin Jahn and Vigoleis Hühn
Website: www.offene-werkstatt-flensburg.de

Flensburger Offene Werkstatt e.V. is made up of volunteers from Flensburg and the region. They are working to build an open workshop in Flensburg. The workshop should offer a possibility to work on new projects and repairs on a higher hobby level. The open space helps to discover the own strengthen and pass on one's own abilities. Respectful treatment always comes first. The motto "Produce together instead of consuming and open to all" is lived here every day and Everything is offered with a view on sustainability aspects.

If someone knows cheap premises from 150 sqm, which are suitable for a workshop, the club is looking forward to a message.

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