virtual conVenture - nordic Start-Up convention!
Donnerstag 26 November 2020, 04:00pm - 06:00pm
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It’s finally time to tell you about our plans for 2020! We're still so excited about this festive year in our cross-border region. We feel grateful and honoured that we as VentureWærft are allowed to hold an official celebration under the umbrella of "100 Jahre Volksabstimmungen - Gemeinsam über Grenzen".
We are so much looking forward to this virtual edition of our beloved conVenture.


Save four spot right now and register for free at: https://hopin.to/events/conventure-8


Thursday, 26.11.2020 starting at 3.30 p.m. (GMT+1) with a soft start, just getting to know Hopin, testing camera and microphone. Welcome and afterwards the further programm starts at 4.00 p.m. - but we would love to see you around earlier.


There will be so much for you to explore:

  •    Start-Up talk - livestream from a professional TV studio with live Q&A
  •    Greetings from politics
  •    Interaction through the chat function
  •    1:1 speed-networking - quick video chat
  •    Moderated sessions to talk about different start-up topics
  •    Start-Up Pier - our virtual expo, where we gathered some of our start-ups


Our confirmed speakers so far: Finn Age Hänsel (VAAY, Sanity Group; formerly Movinga and The Iconic, among others), Peter Dubgaard (SWNX) and Daniel Desler (CheckmyNext).
Additionally, we will here greetings from politics from Dr. Bernd Buchholz (Minister of Economic Affairs, Transport, Employment, Technology and Tourism in Schleswig-Holstein).


About: conVenture

The conVenture is a low-threshold information and networking event. It is held once per semester and targeted at academic entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial projects in Flensburg and Sønderborg, as well as at the regional entrepreneurial networks. Normally, in spring the event is hosted in Sønderborg and in autumn in Flensburg. Due to the corona-pandemic, participation at the conVenture in autumn 2020 will take place online. This is a joint event of all VentureWærft-partners.


About: VentureWærft

The VentureWærft is a unique combination of important key players around the Flensburg Fjord and offers the complete range of start-up support - all from one source. In addition to the docks, VentureWærft also consists of experienced entrepreneurs and start-ups from the region.



  • Dock1: Jackstädt-Zentrum Flensburg
  • Dock2: IHK Flensburg
  • Dock3: Technologiezentrum Flensburg

  • Dock4: Syddansk Universitet
  • Dock5: Sønderborg Iværksætter Service


A part of this project is also supported by the project Grenzland INNOVATIV Schleswig-Holstein, sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the Gemeinsame Wissenschaftskonferenz.


This very special 2020-edition of conVenture is also partly supported through Staatskanzlei Schleswig-Holstein as part of the initiative "100 Jahre Volksabstimmungen - Gemeinsam über Grenzen" ["100 Years of Referendums - Together across Borders"].




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